Frequently Asked Questions

  • One-time fee is Rs. 400* + taxes. This is non-refundable.
  • 1 Point is equal to Re.1.
  • 3% Points on all spends within the Maruti Suzuki Network.
  • 1000 Points on referring your friends and family members to buy a new Maruti Suzuki car.
  • 3000 Points as exchange Loyalty Bonus when you exchange your existing car. This bonus would be over and above the additional discounts available at the time of exchange.
  • 100 Points as Joining Bonus.
  • Value of 1 Point = 1 Rupee

  • As a member you get Rs. 3000 additional discount, whenever you exchange your existing Maruti Suzuki car with a new Maruti Suzuki car at any dealership.
  • You will get rewarded with 1000 Points each time you refer a friend or relative to buy a new Maruti Suzuki car. Please ensure that the person you refer presents the duly filled Referral voucher at the dealership at the time of first enquiry.
  • You can use your points on your Maruti Suzuki Select Network spends only. A minimum of 300 points would be required in your Autocard at the time of first redemption. Once you accumulate these points, you will be able to redeem points for maintaining your car, or for exchanging your existing car for a new Maruti Suzuki car. For exchange, activation date should be at least one month prior to the exchange date.
  • While making payment against your bill (service/accessories/insurance/extended warranty/repair), just present your Autocard and bill to the billing executive to earn points on that particular transaction. Points will be awarded against the invoice amount before tax.

  • Example: Suppose you have to pay a bill of Rs. 12000 to repair your car and have made the payment through cash/any other mode, you will earn 3 points per Rs. 100 for the amount paid by you.

    Transaction Made by Customer – Rs. 12000

    Points earned @3% - 360

    (Points on tax amount shall not be added)

  • Yes, you can. At the time of bill payment, please ask the billing executive to settle only the number of points that you wish to redeem against the bill. The billing executive will debit your loyalty account with the Points that you wish to redeem. Also, you are entitled to get awarded with 3% points on your remaining invoice amount.
  • No, you will not get any points against the payment made on the purchase of a new Maruti Suzuki vehicle.
  • You will get Points only on the amount paid by you. Points shall not be given against the amount claimed from Insurance Company or from elsewhere.
  • No, you cannot redeem your Points on your friend or relatives car. You can only redeem your points on your vehicle or your family member’s (blood relation only) mapped on your card.
  • No, you cannot exchange your Points for cash.
  • No, you cannot redeem the Points instantly in the same transaction on which you’ve earned points. The points can only be redeemed 48 hours after the time of credit.
  • Your card will get active for redemption 72 hours after your filled form is received at an Autocard Program Center. A minimum of 300 points would be required in your Autocard at the time of first redemption.
  • In case you forgot to bring your Autocard to the dealership, you can ask the dealer executive to award you the loyalty points at another date (if invoice is older than 30 days, dealership/customer needs to share a scanned copy of invoice with CPA to upload points).
  • No, this card is not a credit card and you cannot make payment through this card. However, you can redeem your Points at Maruti Suzuki Select Network and with partners while making payment.
  • No, this card can be used only at Maruti Suzuki Select Network.
  • Members can contact us at toll-free number 18001027659 or mail us at to lodge a complaint. A duplicate card shall be dispatched to his/her address and all his old points shall be transferred to a new card (post deduction of duplicate card charges i.e. 50 points)
  • You can call our toll-free number 18001027659, after which our executives can disclose your balance over a phone call. Autocard and generate a receipt containing your account statement.
  • The dealership can also check against your VIN, mobile number, or model and chassis no. for your Autocard number and points.
  • You can also log on to the Maruti Suzuki Autocard website to check your account status and points.
  • Maruti Suzuki Autocard is applicable at all Maruti Suzuki Select Network outlets. To know the listed cities, please call our toll-free number 18001027659, mail us at or check through the Dealer Locator on the Autocard website.
  • No, you can use your existing Autocard for more than 1 vehicle by requesting to the concerned dealership. However, only upto two vehicles can be registered on a single Autocard from dealers end. In case you want to add more vehicles to the same Autocard membership, the dealership needs to put a request to the backend team for the same.
  • A point on your Autocard is valid for 60 months from the date of issue.
  • You can call on our toll-free number 18001027659, or email us at to request for additional Referral vouchers (please mention required quantity).
  • You can call on our toll-free number 18001027659 for assistance.
  • You can redeem 25% of your Points for partner products.